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Affiliation: Non-Union 

But Here’s What Really Happened  |  Supporting  |  Saunder Lynn Boyle
Last Night In The ATL  |  Supporting  |  Color of Love Productions
Who Can You Trust | Supporting | R.A Productions

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
I Co Star I CBS

Thank You For Coming
I Lead I BLB Productions                                                                                                 Finding Jeano I Reccuring I Jeane Reveedran

Richard II  |  Bishop Carlisle  |  Ron Destro
As You Like It | Celia | Ron Destro
The Tempest  |  Caliban  |  Warren Enters                                                                                                         Blue Balls I Mara I Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Any Which Way Thou Wouldst Have It  |  Captain  |  American Theatre of Actors
No Mockingbirds on Fridays  |  April  |  Gloria Maddox
And the Elements Spoke  |  Pinkie  |  Gloria Maddox
The (Former) Prostitutes Potluck Supper  |  Cindy  |  Gloria Maddox
Doubt  |  Mrs.Muller  |  Chris Kelly
The Colorado Catechism  |  Donna  |  Gerry Trentham
The Good Woman of Sezuan  |  Mrs.Shin  |  Gerry Trentham

Buffalo State College  |  B.A in Theatre Arts  |  Training under Drew Khan, Don Youngstrom & Gerry Trentham
Oxford Shakespeare Company  |  Ron Destro and Malcolm McKay
Film Auditioning under Ellen Parks
Canadian National Voice Intensive under David Smukler.
Advanced Scene Study under Terry Schreiber
Advanced Scene Study under Peter Jensen
Advanced Shakespeare under Page Clements
Macbeth Intensive under Page Clements

Improv, Basic Stage Combat, View Points, Valid Passport